Perimeter & Window Security

Steel Palisade Fencing and Gates are the most popular deterrent fencing, they are a cost effective choice for robust perimeter security.

Made from galvanised steel they are weatherproof and can also be powder-coated to a wide range of colours so as to blend naturally into the surrounding area.

Our palisade fencing is provided as a component system that allows the ultimate in flexibility where tailoring it to match your requirements.

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Mesh Fencing is a popular choice of perimeter fencing as it has the advantage that is does not obscure viewing. A strong and safe fencing popular with schools and sporting facilities, it is easy to install and cost effective.

We offer several types of mesh fencing - get in touch for more information.

This fencing choice can also be powder coated to a wide range of colours. Get in touch >> for a free quote!

Razor Wire is made from steel strip reinforced with high tensile wire and has a hook like barbs at close intervals which is virtually impossible to cut with hand tools.

Razor wire is much sharper than barbed wire and therefore acts as a more effective psychological deterrent to would-be criminals.

Our razor wire installers can also repair or replace entire sections of your perimiter security where needed.

We can install Window Grilles, Window Bars and Shutters to ensure that safety on your premises is maximised. Our Grilles are made from toughened steel whilst allowing plenty of daylight into the building.

Where window shutters are required we can measure up and provide fully bespoke solutions. If your choice is simply to have window bars fitted we offer a range of styles.

Our affordable retractable security grille is suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. The grille provides a strong physical barrier for the protection of windows and doors including patio doors and is an effective visual deterrent against attack.

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