Loading Bay Equipment

The Foam Pad Dock Seal is the most cost effective solution for sealing the rear of the vehicle to the loading bay, ensuring that the ambient temperature inside the building is maintained irrespective of the conditions outside of the building.

Replacement dock seals have the option of air vents to allow for the seal to be compressed - prolonging its working lifespan.

To further extend the life of the seals, the front face can be lined with an additional hard-wearing skin, wear pleats or neoprene coated nylon.

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(!) Side pads have the option of a high-visibility guide strip.

For vehicles of different heights there is an option to use a foam pad dock seal with mobile head which can be manually or electrically operated.

What are the main principles of a foam pad dock seal ?

The seal is created by the vehicle backing onto the foam pads which compress until the vehicle meets the dock bumpers.

Each side pad has a high visibility guide strip stitched to the front face to assist the vehicle in docking centrally to the doorway.

We repair, install and upgrade Dock Shelters according to your needs.

New Dock Shelters are available in both a “Rigid” and “Retractable” version, both of which are designed to protect the goods and the workforce from the external elements, reducing the amount of wind and rain that is able to enter the building.

The shelters are an ideal solution when the fleet of vehicles using the loading bay are of varying height and width.

  • Cater for a wide range of doorways and vehicles
  • Colour matching
  • Custom projection available on request
  • Self supporting structure
  • Available in dock mounted or down-to-ground versions

The seal is created by the flexible side and head curtains moulding to the top and sides of the vehicle as it reverses up to the loading bay to meet the dock bumpers.

Both rigid and retractable versions are constructed around galvanised box sections covered in a PVC type material with high visibility strips on each of the side curtains to assist the vehicle to dock centrally against the shelters

Inflatable Dock-Seals are designed to be housed in a fully insulated shelter with all round inflatable airbags that inflate around the vehicle to provide an airtight seal in seconds.

Once the vehicle is docked safely, the dock shelter fan is switched on to inflate the side and head seals against the vehicle to provide the optimum level of insulation between the external environment and the inside of the building making it a perfect solution for a cold storage facility.

<stong>Options</stong>: High Denier Cordura fabrics, Galvanized Steel, Guide Markers, Roller Retraction Systems, Draught Curtains, Dock Mount or Freestanding, Safety Systems, Wheel Guides, Traffic Lights, Control Panels.

Where the internal ambient temperature is not such a key priority, a budget version is available.

Our budget range retains the inflatable seals for an air tight seal, but is housed in a shelter that is covered in a PVC material similar to the rigid/retractable versions.

The “Hinged Lip” Dock Leveller is designed to safely bridge the gap between the vehicle bed height and the height of the floor in the building to allow goods to be transported over the leveller platform and into and out of the docked vehicle.

Features: Particularly suitable for existing pits, Manufactured to full EU safety standards, Requires kerb angles and buffers (can be supplied), 100mm lateral flex while keeping longitudinal rigidity, supplied with control panel, built in safety system.

The leveller is designed so that the platform when activated will automatically rise to its highest position before the hinged lip is extended.

Once fully extended, the platform and lip will gently lower itself until it comes to rest on the vehicle deck where it will remain in a “float” mode, moving freely up and down with the suspension of the vehicle during loading and unloading.

The “Telescopic Lip” Dock Leveller is designed to be extended as well as retracted with absolute accuracy between the height of the floor in the building and the vehicle bed height.

This means that the vehicles may be loaded or unloaded to or from the very end of the vehicle bed giving optimal load utilisation.

The electro-hydraulically operated telescopic levellers come with a standard lip length of 500mm with an option to increase this to 1000mm.

The standard leveller is designed with a 6000kg dynamic (single-axle) load, however heavier duty (10,000 – 15,000kg) capacities are available.

Our Composite Control Panels are designed around the health and safety considerations associated with the loading bay area, for example, not allowing the door to open until a vehicle is parked at the loading bay to reduce the risk of individuals falling or driving a fork lift truck off the loading bay area.

The interlocking of any number of features allows for a quicker and simpler operation of the loading bay equipment, resulting in a time saving which helps to improve productivity.

Reducing the amount of electrical control devices required also results in space saving in the loading bay area.

To assist with the loading and unloading of vehicles Traffic Lights are available in a wide range of styles.

The dock loading light comprises of a tough resilient non-conductive body with integrally moulded handle for easy multi-directional positioning with a 24V/ 70W halogen bulb and toughened glass giving a bright focused beam pattern.

To accompany the dock levellers and shelters a wide range of accessories such as Dock Buffers, Wheel Guides and Bollards are available.

Standard dock buffers are manufactured from a composite reinforced rubber designed to cushion the building from the impact of the reversing vehicles.

Buffers are also available in a polyethylene face or sliding version to help extend the life.

Vehicle detection buffers are also available that can activate a number pieces of equipment such as doors, traffic lights, leveller interlock, inflatable seals or various visual or audible alarms.