Contamination Control

Strip Curtains are made up of transparent, flexible plastic strips and designed to provide a seal for openings or act as a seperation between two areas.

The strips are hung using the unique Easy Hinge loop system or the Easy Clip hook mounting system.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Galvanised steel tube and mounting brackets (stainless steel optional)
  • Free-pivoting strips, 3 widths with rounded edges
  • High Transparency, safe vision
  • Various overlaps
  • Orange/Red end strips (optional)
  • Cold resistant strips also available (for use down to -45 degrees celcius)
  • Available in 200mm wide x 2mm thick - 300mm x 3mm - 400mm x 4mm

Swing doors create a functional seperation between two internal areas without impeding the passage of personnel and materials handling equipment, as the door can simply be pushed open.

These doors are used in industrial buildings and public utilities.

  • No door frame or steel mounting frame required
  • Various mounting arrangements
  • Wide choice of door panel materials
  • Electrolytically galvanised as standard
  • Choice of colours (RAL)
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Many extras inc wear pads, raised bottom pivot, vision panel, reinforced cutouts, automation, windows or portholes

Brush Strip Seals function as a barrier against draughts and airborne contamination.

The brush strip seal can be fitted to the bottom of an existing door providing added contamination control.

  • Various mounting arrangements
  • Choice of colours and materials

Rubber Seals provide a much tighter seal than brush strip seals and can be used for a much wider range of applications. Rubber seals can provide excellent draught exclusion as well as a barrier against cold, liquids and excessive dust.

  • Various mounting arrangements
  • Choice of colours and materials